‘Institutional racism ’is the new blood libel

June 2, 2020 By Seth Grossman The riots that began in Minneapolis are the intended consequence of the fake history dished out by our media, Hollywood, and most colleges and public schools for the past 50 years.  This new “institutional racism” falsely blames all whites for every injustice — especially whites who are Christian, RepublicanRead moreRead more

It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is Neutral

If Twitter wants to editorialize and ‘factcheck’ President Trump’s tweets with disclaimers, then it should be treated like any other publisher. By John Daniel Davidson May 28, 2020 Twitter’s decision this week to append a disclaimer to President Trump’s tweets about the risks of mail-in ballot fraud should be enough, at long last, for usRead moreRead more

What the ‘Obamagate’ Scandals Mean and Why They Matter

COMMENTARY . By Charles Lipson – RCP Contributor May 27, 2020 Amid the flurry of details about spying on Michael Flynn, lying to secret courts about Carter Page, leaking classified documents, and more, it’s easy to get lost in the muck. It’s important to stand back, identify the worst abuses, and explain why they matterRead moreRead more

What’s your COVID-19 personality? Controlling others or the one who wants to be left alone?

Jon Gabriel, Special to The Republic Published 6:00 a.m. MT May 24, 2020 There are two types of people in the world: those who split humanity into two groups and those who don’t. Any such divisions are simplistic and flawed, but they can create a helpful cultural shorthand. In politics, the two personalities are thoseRead moreRead more

Why the Left is Weaponizing Science

May 27, 2020 By John Leonard According to some “experts,” science can sometimes be settled, meaning that in certain areas of study, the evidence has been deemed so overwhelming and indisputable that further debate is not only unnecessary, it is forbidden. Only one interpretation of this evidence is possible. However, science is really nothing moreRead moreRead more

Origins of the Pro-Abortion Slogans

Most of us have heard all of the tired old pro-abortion slogans many times. When we hear people start to chant them again, we usually roll our eyes and think “I’d sure give a lot to hear something original!” It turns out that these pro-abortion slogans are even more unoriginal and unimaginative than we thought.Read moreRead more

The Strange World of Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review: Part I

By Brian Clowes, PhD|April 18th, 2017 About 25 years ago, I bought a complete set of Margaret Sanger’s journal The Birth Control Review and ambitiously set out to read every one of its 5,631 pages.  The strange experience left me just a little uncertain about what is real and what is not.  Sanger’s world hasRead moreRead more

Red team the science used for radical policies

By David Wojick |May 16th, 2020 While we are still in the middle of the corona crisis, supranational organizations of the UN are already busy in making top-down recovery plans they want to impose on national governments. All these experimental plans go for a utopic economy that they justify by doubtful scientific models being stillRead moreRead more

The dark side of renewable electricity

By Ronald Stein |May 18th, 2020| The “Praise the Lord” (PTL) empire that preacher Jim Bakker built with wife Tammy crumbled thirty years ago. Today, it seems like we’re being mesmerized again in the press and social media. The rhetoric is about dispensing with thousands of products from petroleum derivatives so we can save the world from humanRead moreRead more

Wind and solar weaknesses — Part I

By Dr. Jay Lehr, Terigi Ciccone |May 19th, 2020| So-called “Green energy” threatens our culture, our freedoms and our pocketbooks, yet provides no net electricity to our electrical networks. Zero-Zip-Nada.  They remain a Green delusion. A bold statement, yes? Bolder still is the fact that wind and solar power plants are more efficient when theyRead moreRead more